Life of a Vaginatarian

I'm taken by the most amazing girl i've ever met. I'm weird. Horror, Poetry, photography, Concerts, tattoos, piercings & vintage items are a few things that interest me. I have many more curiosities.. Ask away

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Sexual frustration.
The struggle is real

Amazing custom hand made pendants
She’s super sweet and very talented

I had this custom made for my woman’s birthday. 
So excited to give her this!! 

Woman crush Wednesday for life 
That gorgeous red head..
Makes me complete

"If I’m just bad news then you’re a liar"


My brain is a constant white noise
Filling the room
frustration and fury flowing through me
Feeling crazy and alone
Paranoia grips my thoughts
Fueling my fears..
Making worries feel real.
Confusion enfolds me
Fills my brain with doubts
Have vivid nightmares come to life?
Or is it my demented imagination controlling my thoughts?
Crazy. Broken. .
Unknown answers.



Fun facts about your sign here

If I chase after you or hold onto you as long as I can even if the situation is hopeless - then you are/were very important to me until I let you go.

Exactly this. Damn Leo’s
Midnight creeper
All day sleeper

"Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep."
Need this

Daytona Beach, 1957

This is awesome! I live here!!1950s was so beautiful.


My woman is extraordinarily talented with a paint brush
Check out her amazing art work and hand painted jewelry
Show her some love & own a unique piece of art or jewelry!

She does custom requests too

Instagram- @disneyartflorida
Etsy store-