Life of a Vaginatarian

I'm taken by the most amazing girl i've ever met. I'm weird. Horror, Poetry, photography, Concerts, tattoos, piercings & vintage items are a few things that interest me. I have many more curiosities.. Ask away

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Anonymous asked: the saying is blood is thicker than water but water of the convenant is thicker than blood of the womb i think

Yes, pretty sure you’re correct on that. I’ve heard that and it’s what the other saying came from.

This hott little number..
She’s brilliant and gorgeous!
I fucking win!!

(You should see the rest of her)
Tattoo inspiration

Anonymous asked: i think youre cute...

Eh, I’m just myself nothing too impressive really. Thanks though! Don’t be scared to chat I’m really nice. New friends/followers always welcome.

Blood isn’t thicker than water.

A note to all of my lgbtq followers
To those of you worrying about “coming out” to your family and wether they will accept you or not.
Let me tell you ONE very important thing that I want you to remember forever.
Blood doesn’t make family. Loyalty and unconditional love does.
I’ve lived it.

Best thing ever.
Fact: A girl's moan is the sexiest thing ever.
She knows me so well..


Created a larger photoset for the Monster Series #2 :)

Prints at

Quyen Dinh

Love these
Great work

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Always awakeHorror everything
ATTENTION ALL “Straight” girlsIt’s true. You’re welcome
Lions are amazingCan I have one?
Always her