Life of a Vaginatarian

I'm taken by the most amazing girl i've ever met.
Mostly I'm just weird. I love anything horror or creepy. Poetry, photography, Concerts, tattoos, piercings & vintage items are a few things that interest me. I have many more curiosities.. Ask away

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Hair by Anya GoyCheck out the video of how this was done here:

This is amazing and I want it
Creature of the night

New color hairs
Teal, purple & pink
Loving this

michelle0hwell asked: Thanks for following me c:

Welcome! New friends always welcome here

This woman is my everything.
She is perfection in every way possible.
Snarky and witty, smart, crafty, honest to the core. 
Sweet yet sassy and mouthy (which I love), confident, so mysterious and gorgeous.
She’s everything I could ever dream of finding. 
I have the amazing privilege of kissing those lips and loving that wonderful heart. 
I still can’t believe it sometimes.

Just look at her! 

Her blog-

New lovin

Well, that escalated quickly!
So many new followers
You all are so lovely
Thank you!!

stonervibrations asked: you're kinda perfect okay.

Haha I’m not even close! But thanks, that’s very nice of you to say. I just do and wear what I like and this is the results. How did you find my blog? Just out of curiosity

Lesbian picture timeline?

Did one of those “see how lesbian I’ve become” picture comparisons.
Holy shit I have gone through some weird times since the first picture where I was 16.

Come see the madness for yourself on my blog

2nd set of photos
These were just some of the past 2 years with the bottom my most current.

The beginning of lesbian progression
1st pic I was 16 
Shane era I was 19-20?

So gay I am a rainbow
Bought my first motorcycle today
So excited to turn this into something epic
So much excitement!!!!
She makes me melt..
Not sometimes, always.She’s the best damn thing to ever happen in my life. I love her endlessly
Spending Vday with my two fave people 
Love that red haired lady